Tuesday, August 11, 2009

“Celebration of Youth” Dinner

Youth Off The Streets supports homeless and drug addicted young Australians as they work to turn their lives around. Their goal is to help these young people with a high school education, become drug free, a full or part time job and the living skills to succeed in their life.

Rubi Rocket sponser of chris riely youth of the streets

Youth Off The Streets will be holding their 6th Annual “Celebration of Youth” Dinner at the Hilton Sydney on Saturday August 29th. If you would like to help, make sure you buy a ticket and head along to the dinner. There will be lots of celebrities at the event, live & silent auctions of art, fashion, jewellery & luxury leisure goodies, also lots of prizes to be won.

If you can not attend the dinner, you can still help Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets charity by heading to the website and donating

Rubi Rocket is a proud sponsor of this Charity dinner

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