Friday, July 3, 2009

Bone Breaker

Rubi Rocket bone breaker sports ramps and rails

Are you into extreme sports or just like to stay fit?
Then take a look at Bone Breaker.

Bone Breaker is a new Aussie company that is giving the local sporting scene quality ramps & rails that are made to last. This isn't a company that just makes standard products, what makes them so unique is that they are designed and made by the companies owner Adam, who is involved in the extreme sports scene and knows what works for the beginner riders to the advanced rider and what the industry is in desperate need of.

Bone Breaker doesn't just cater for skate boarding, you can use them for blading, snowboarding, scooters, wakeboarding, Moto 50's and Freestyle Moto. All Bone Breaker products are 100% Australian made and 10% of all profits go to Australian wide Children's and youth Charities, what more could you ask for. So make sure you check these guys out.

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