Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twilight Prom News

Ok for those Twilight fans who didn't get to the prom, you missed out on getting your hands on a twilight show-bag which had an exclusive wolf & apple paw print necklace by Rubi Rocket in it. We were delighted to be asked to work alongside Gifts for the Geek to design and make an exclusive item for the Sydney and Melbourne prom.

We also have been selling exclusive TA silver apple jewellery for the members of Twilight Australia who wanted a piece to wear to the prom and other member get-togethers. Members can still purchase these online.

Anyone who would like to send in pics from the prom wearing Rubi Rocket, email to and we will post them on our sites. Please send your name along with your picture

The Rubi Rocket Girls oxoxo

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