Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guide to becoming An Alternative Model

Ladies have you ever wondered how to make it in the Alternative modelling world without an agent or lots of money to burn?

Well look no further, as one of our models, the very own Miss KarenHate has let out all the secrets in the first issue of Post Modern Ink a new Sydney Tattoo Mag that tells the truth behind the ink.

Karen tells you all the know how and DIY way to get ahead of the game and get known in the modelling industry. So make sure you buy yourself a copy of the magazine which features Kat Von D on the cover, to find out how to become a model in a world where alternative beauty is taking over the world.

One of the tips we loved was to join Model Mayhem, if you haven't heard of this site then check it out, as this is where you can start to get contacts and a modelling portfolio together by contacting photographers and hair & make-up artist's.

Makeup by Miss Ruby Rouge
Photos by Amanda Lim

We would also like to say thankyou to Karen for mentioning RubiRocket in her article :D

The Rubi Rocket Girls

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