Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to wear your horror necklace for Halloween

I guess you are thinking "I really want my own custom horror necklace but how can I wear it with my halloween costume?"

So we have came up with a very vampish look for you. A simple How to to turn yourself into a sultry vampire and you will be the hit of the party.

But be warned Rubi Rocket can not be held responsible for you over partying and everyone adoring you just because you look so damn hot.

1ST - Locate what you need to buy, there are links at the bottom of this thread if you can not find what you want in a shop near you

2ND - Get dressed in a slinky tight black dress and apply some dark eye liner all the way around you eyes with some red lipstick, but remember, red lipstick bleeds so purchase a good quality one and to a test in store (do not buy online unless you know what shade you want) Every red lipstick shade is different and must match your skin tone, so If you are not sure ask the lovely cosmetic ladies for advise, they are there to help you so be afraid.

3RD - Pack your bag with the necessities to keep you going all night if need be. Make sure you grab your lippy for touch ups, a compact mirror, your coin purse with your money and id, tissues, eye liner and lastly your keys, but don't drink and drive ladies get a taxi with a friend

4TH - Party Party Party, but girls always follow the safety rules when out, never leave your drink unattended or let a stranger buy an opened drink, never leave a friend alone and never walk home alone. Party Safe oxo

Products are available at these stores

Rubi Rocket.... Custom Miss ??? Necklace
Vampire Wear.... Bag with wings
Zappos.... Red Shoes
Spencers.... Vampire fangs
Costumes INC....Vampire Wig
Amazon....Black Roses

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