Thursday, August 28, 2008

Disaster struck! Green folks down.

If you love street art and havn't heard of Wendy Murray, then be prepared to be blown away by her amazing art.

Wendy Murray is a Sydney based artist whose work tends to large scale mural projects, both private and public. At times working under her pseudonym Mini Graff

Wendy’s street art challenges typical perceptions of graffiti art. She stencils and paints images on to a variety of media (walls, boards, wallpaper, rarely canvas) which strongly relate to the given environment and community, transforming an anonymous repetitive urban landscape into a unique and personal aesthetic experience. She works with local identities/ characters, artists, musicians and businesses to create each unique project.

We where proud to be ask to make Wendy's "Running Couple" design which will be stuck up around the streets of London and Berlin in the following month. So keep your eye out if you happen to be in these cities as Wendy's art is truly unique and memorable.

click for more info on MINI GRAFF

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